I wanted to take part in professional coaching to enable me to focus on my own personal development, I found that I received this and so much more by working with Siobhain. She has helped me to re-focus on my priorities and to look deeper into why and how I do things. Having someone coach you through what you are thinking and processing, has been a great experience. It has had a positive impact on not only my professional career but also on aspects of my personal life. Siobhain coaches with empathy, understanding and patience; listening to me carefully and helping me see clarity in what we are discussing. I look forward to using these new skills, and continuing being more self-aware and present in the future!

Loki Cheeseman, UK

I have found Siobhain paradigm shifting in terms of how I approach issues in my life. What she has shown me is that the answers are not to be revealed to me by experts. The answers are all within me and have to be identified and developed by me. When I carefully and comprehensively consider, with Siobhain prompting and challenging, what appear insoluble problems, I have discovered I had the answers to within me all the time – I just had not been able to visualize those answers. I would without hesitation recommend Siobhain as a coach and would make clear that for it to work, you will need to be prepared to work hard and outside comfort zones. It will be worth it.

Richard W., Partner, International Law Firm

Siobhain has a gentle yet solid/grounded coaching style. While she can dance with you and go wherever you need to go she always holds a stake in the ground on what you say (and show) is most important. Given the stage of my life now her coaching style perfect for what I needed, soft yet strong – I felt very held by the process and always felt she was with me 100% present in all of our conversations.

Verity Mace, Sri Lanka

Life coaching was life changing. Siobhain helped me to step back and assess what it was I needed to change. I was genuinely surprised when I discovered that what I had considered to be problems just needed another way to look at them. Siobhain helped me to do this in a sympathetic and constructive way. The techniques I learnt have been invaluable and the difference has been immeasurable.

Jane Rutherford, Qatar

I wasn’t sure what to expect of coaching when I first heard about it. But I cannot tell you enough how much this has helped me and is still helping me. Siobhain has helped me deal with things that I struggled with for a long time. She helped me see things and deal with things in a different way. I would highly recommend coaching with Siobhain. Thank you Siobhain for being a great, kind and patient coach.

Sonja Woodman, UK

I have benefited in so many different ways from being coached by Siobhain. She has helped me gain clarity, self-awareness and new perspectives on such a wide range of topics. The insights I have gained in my coaching sessions have led me to a number of positive changes in my life and helped me to achieve both professional and personal goals   Siobhain has a unique approach to coaching which allows you to feel supported throughout the coaching process while also ensuring that you challenge yourself. Each coaching session has left me feeling energized and given me renewed focus and clarity on various areas of my life.

Beth Allan, Qatar

Siobhain’s coaching style was unique in that she encouraged me to describe how I wanted my results to be at the end of each coaching session. If I described a limited vision, she pushed me to see again. I expected her to challenge my thinking and she helped me to do that perfectly well. She also pushed me to visualise and whenever I fell short, she brought it up differently; it’s like she had the belief that there was more, and that I would be able to see that. At the end of our engagement, in some ways my mind was trained to think beyond limits.

Sukhvinder Mishra, India

Siobhain is a professional coach with a high sense of integrity and she truly puts her client’s success at the center of their relationship. Siobhain’s approach is very professional and warm, with the ability to immediately create the conditions for an open and worthy relationship. Siobhain helps her clients to gain a better understanding of themselves, creating powerful intentions and results from a stronger self-awareness. Siobhain has a wonderful ability to listen and articulate back what is most critical for the client’s growth and she challenges in a delicate yet determined way, when she believes it is in the best interest of her client.

The thing that I like the most about Siobhain is her ability to create the conditions for a safe and courageous space to support her clients to take risks, to grow bigger and to appreciate themselves more.

Siobhain has helped me gain a much stronger sense of my own capabilities and resources, inspiring me to take greater risks and to achieve bigger successes. Thank you Siobhain and looking forward for more!

Federica Ambrogi, UK