Do you see changes ahead for which you’re not sure how to prepare? Perhaps your experience of the past few months has convinced you its time to take a different direction but you aren’t sure where to start. 

You’re an intelligent person; you don’t need to me to offer you information, options, advice – there’s plenty of it out there! A gazillion answers to any question.

And yet – why are you still prevaricating? What’s holding you back? How come you still feel confused, frustrated, stuck?

I’d say that you need to hold the mirror up to yourself and really look, listen and connect to what’s going on inside. The way forward is hiding, it’s just below the surface and needs some dedicated attention to coax it out.

It’s not just your cognitive ability that you need to draw upon – its also your heart, your intuition, your embodied experience. Your ability to solve problems doesn’t exist only from the neck up. Your brain is indeed amazing but  you are so much more than your head and your brain.

I coach the whole person – the whole of who you are and not just the parts of you that you allow to show up at work or which only show up outside of work. 

  • Do you really know how to connect with your emotions?
  • Do you know how to notice the way you are being and behaving?
  • Do you understand the impact your presence has on others?

I can partner with you to identify what you want for the whole of you – what’s important, what needs attention right now – helping you to uncover those answers and work out how to move forward.

Pay attention to yourself and the answers will emerge.

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