Sharpen Your Coaching Skills

Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching supports coaches to refresh and sharpen their coaching skills and is a development activity that all professional coaches can benefit from experiencing on a regular basis.

Mentor Coaching is also integral to the International Coaching Federation’s “gold” standard of coaching and is part of the process of becoming a credentialled ICF coach.

I offer mentor coaching to anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge and skills in demonstrating the ICF core competencies and to those who want to apply for or renew their ACC / PCC credential.

Coach Mentoring will support you to

  •  Develop your understanding of the core coaching competencies and how to apply them
  • Obtain feedback on what you do well as a coach and what could be even better or different
  • Identify areas of strength as well as development, to inform your coaching skills practice
  • Uncover any “blind spots” you may have in your coaching
  • Learn how to ask impactful, powerful questions
  • Use your intuition to create awareness
  • Build a trusting partnership with your client that has clear boundaries
  • Prepare for your Performance Evaluation (submission of coaching recording to the ICF)

Mentor Coaching Options

One-to-One Mentor Coaching Programme

This 11-hour coach mentoring programme will enable you to develop and deepen your coaching skills by receiving specific, competency-based feedback, preparing you to submit your application for the ACC or PCC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF); the core competencies are the foundation of the ICF’s Coach Knowledge Assessment and Performance Evaluation.

Programme Structure

You will be asked to share an audio recording of your coaching with me 48 hours (UK working days) prior to each session. Ideally, a 30-40 minute coaching session works well. We will then listen back to it together, noticing what you did well (strengths) and what could be even better (stretches).

Each mentor coaching session will be delivered by Zoom and the format for sharing recordings will be agreed in advance. Each session will cover the competencies which arise in your recording as well as focus on discussing a specific competency, so that all eight ICF core competencies are covered. Sessions 1 – 8 are 60 minutes each and sessions 9 and 10 are 90 minutes each.

Session 1
  • Co-creating our Mentoring Partnership
  • Demonstrates Ethical Practice
Session 2
  • Embodies a Coaching Mindset
Session 3
  • Establishes and Maintains Agreements
Session 4
  • Cultivates Trust and Safety
Session 5
  • Maintains Presence
Session 6
  • Listens Actively
Session 7
  • Evokes Awareness
Session 8
  • Facilitates Client Growth
Sessions 9 and 10 (90 minutes each)
  • Listen together to a 30-40 minute recording of your coaching; receive specific feedback on areas of strength and development.
  • Summarising, reflecting on learning and reviewing readiness for your performance evaluation.

And Also…

Written Feedback


  • You will receive written feedback on two of your mentor coaching sessions, typically at the beginning and then towards the end of the programme; we will agree what works best for you.
Between Sessions


  • Reflective Learning – I recommend you reflect on your learning by completing a Learning Log and also journal what comes up during your coaching practice in relation to the competencies.
  • Client Sessions – ongoing client work; aim to have several clients to work with throughout the programme.
  • Triad Work – I also recommended that you set up / maintain triad work with fellow coaches to practice coaching, observing and giving feedback.
Personalised Programme Content

With a one-to-one programme, the focus of each session can be adjusted based upon the feedback you may already have had (e.g. from a coach training course or triad work) and on your progress through this programme, offering the flexibility to pay more attention to areas of competence which you particularly want to strengthen.


 Mentor coaching hours must be completed over a minimum of three months prior to the date of your credential application; this is an ICF requirement.

Investment Options


Option D: For any other mentoring requirements, please get in touch so we can discuss devising a programme of sessions that suits your specific needs.


For Options A and C

Each session

  • Agree focus of competency review
  • Listen together to your recorded session
  • Self-assessment then Mentor feedback on core competencies
  • Determine next steps for applying learning


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Group Mentor Coaching

This 11-hour group mentor coaching programme will prepare you to apply for your ICF credential and support you to further strengthen your skills.

It comprises 4 x 2-hour group sessions and 2 x 90 minute 121 sessions, delivered by ICF credentialled and trained Mentor Coaches.

Programme Structure
  • 8 hours’ of live group coaching (4 x 2 hour sessions)
  • Covering all 8 ICF core competencies
  • Maximum of 6 participants
  • 2 x 1.5 hours individual mentor coaching on your recorded coaching sessions
  • Verbal and written feedback on your strengths and stretch areas
  • Experiential and reflective learning
  • Peer-to-peer practice between sessions
  • Demonstration of best practice coaching
  • Mentoring from experienced ICF PCC credentialled and accredited coach mentors

Each two-hour group session will focus on two of the eight ICF core competencies and involve giving and receiving feedback on live coaching. Throughout the four sessions, you will have the opportunity to take the roles of coach, client and observer at least twice each.

Written Feedback


  • You will receive written feedback on your 121 mentor coaching sessions.

And Also…

Between Sessions


  • Triad Work – in-between sessions you will form triads with fellow coaches in the group to practice coaching, observing and giving each other feedback
  • Reflective Learning – you will reflect on your learning by completing a Learning Log to capture what comes up during the sessions and your triad coaching practice in relation to the competencies

Mentor coaching hours must be completed over a minimum of three months prior to the date of your credential application; this is an ICF requirement:

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