Life Coaching

A conversation with a purpose

Life doesn’t always go the way you hope or intend it to, suddenly throwing up difficult challenges as well as exciting opportunities. There may be times when you need a steer to help you navigate what’s happening or to support you when you feel a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps you know exactly what you want and where you want to go but aren’t sure how to get there. Perhaps you want to make changes but aren’t sure where to start.

  • Are you doing what you truly want to do or following a path that others have set for you?
  • Are you living a fulfilling life or do you know that there’s more you want to explore?
  • Are you somewhere you didn’t expect to be and wondering what to do next?

Coaching will take you from where you are now to where you want to be

Life coaching is a confidential, one to one partnership between you and your coach. Life coaching gives you the time and space to explore whatever issues are important to you, in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Your coach will enable and indeed encourage you to express all your hopes, fears and aspirations for your future.

Your coach will create a climate of complete trust, will actively listen to you and gently but firmly challenge you, supporting you to identify what needs to happen next and holding you accountable for taking action.

Coaching topics tend to include

Developing the confidence and courage to make changes or to do something new

Navigating changes in personal circumstances

Creating a better balance between different areas of your life

Getting in touch with who you are and what you really want to do

Working out how to deal with difficult situations

Improving the quality of relationships

Understanding what might be holding you back

Getting to know and better managing your “inner critic”

Building your self-awareness and self-worth

Clarifying aspirations and goals and taking action to move towards them

………and this is not an exhaustive list!

If you’re not sure exactly what the issue is or what you want to focus on, you’re very welcome to get in touch to discuss that – with absolutely no obligation to follow up.

Various coaching packages are available to suit you and your particular circumstances. Your coaching programme will be designed specifically around your needs and to support your own goals.